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Llao Llao, Argentina

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The Llao Llao Hotel
The Llao Llao Hotel & Golf–Spa Resort
situated in breathtaking Patagonian landscape

The Llao Llao GolfCross® Goal–Golf course, the first in the Americas, was officially opened on September the first, 2005. Burton Silver, the inventor of the oval golf ball and the game of GolfCross, flew from his home in New Zealand to attend the opening and oversee the installation of the course.

A large number of local golfers attended the opening where a demonstration of the oval ball’s flight properties was given by the Course Pro and GolfCross instructor, Guillermo Grattoni, after which players tried their skill at a goal–out from 40 metres. Three were recorded, the first ever demonstration Goal–in–One in the American sub continent going to local player Ricardo Busso with a bounce–in.

GolfCross demonstration
Local Golfers and guests enjoy a demonstration
of GolfCross at the course opening
GolfCross can be played in the snow
As no greens are necessary,
GolfCross can be played in the snow
with colored balls
Bathers in the heated pool
Bathers in the heated pool look at GolfCross
being played just 50 metres away

Playing towards No. 1 goal
Playing towards No. 1 goal
which borders the lake

A small but well thought out executive course has been set up near the hotel to offer an exciting new golfing experience that can be enjoyed in just one hour.

The first goal is only 35 metres from the lake shore at the end of a broad fairway that sweeps down from a tee positioned right outside the Hotel. This magnificent par 4 is a great test of the player’s faith that the oval golf ball flies straight and can’t be hooked or sliced.

Number two is a cheeky blind par 3 that dog–legs left behind large over–hanging trees. To make the yard in one, players must utilize the oval ball’s magic and either angle it left on the horizontal for a controlled hook round the trees or try a torpedo to run the ball directly at the goal under the branches.

The third plays up the hill to a challenging yard that’s side–sloping and hemmed in by large trees behind. Careful angling of the ball on the tee cup is called for here in order to ensure a right to left uphill approach which will keep the ‘egg’ from careering down towards the lake.

Teeing off from No. 4
Teeing off from No. 4 towards the Hotel

While not directly facing the tee, the fourth goal (a par 3) nevertheless presents the best chance of of a goal–in–one with a well measured draw. This goal’s proximity to the Hotel and a variety of teeing areas behind, make it a perfect practice goal. [GolfCross goal positions have also been established on the main course to give more GolfCross opportunities].

The course is a rare combination of the best elements of links, woodland and parkland all set against a magnificent mountain and lake backdrop. The early goals that follow the undulating links–style fairways are a perfect contrast to the tight consecutive par–3 4th and 5th goals set amongst the larches.

While these two goals may represent a departure from the normal par–3 shape and design sequence, they add immeasurably to the course’s challenge because each goal has a curved fairway and requires that players experiment with the oval ball’s unique aerodynamic properties — leaning it right to hit a controlled slice on the 4th and left for a controlled hook on the 5th. The final four fairways sweep down over lush parkland intermingled with enormous old willows and giant glacial rocks. Each round ends with a complimentary tasting at the winery.

No. 4 goal
No. 4 goal in front of the
Hotel Conference Centre


The Llao Llao Hotel is set on a beautiful peninsular between two lakes in the Nahuel Huapi National Park in the heart of Patagonia. It boasts one of the largest spas in South America and a breathtaking golf course with sweeping mountain and lake vistas. This 18 hole course boasts an exquisite club house with exceptional views and full facilities including caddie hire, club rental and GolfCross lessons from two trained professionals.

Because of its location and elite facilities, this five star hotel is a popular venue for top–level international conferences and regularly plays host to world leaders. Many visitors com to Llao Llao in the summer months but winter is also popular with a 17–lift ski resort just thirty minutes away, and there’s always the novel experience of playing GolfCross in the snow. What could be better than relaxing your ski weary legs in the steaming outdoor pool and watching golfers playing GolfCross on the course below? probably only the experience of playing the game yourself.

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